Maximize Your Space with a Wall Bed

Wall beds are a space saving and comfortable alternative to free standing beds. They work well in a variety of spaces and fit into any style of home. They are made within a sleek cabinet that can be customized in a variety of styles and finishes.   Wall Beds for Guest Rooms   Finding extra … Continued

Closet Tec for Your Garage

You might be surprised how much your garage accumulates over the years. Seems that everything from tools and lawnmowers to sports equipment have turned this once neat space into a fine, jumbled mess. It may have gotten to the point that you are no longer using your garage for one of its main intended purposes … Continued

Closet Tec

  When choosing the best custom design, and the right closet inserts for the bathroom, or for a walk in closet, a home owner is going to want to turn to Closet Tec for the services. Not only will they offer a professional designer, to do the designing, and create the custom look for any … Continued

Turn A Boring Closet Into Something Special

Everyone knows about the value of a good closet, especially if you are a woman who considers yourself to be a fashionista. Most homes come with basic closets, but a basic closet is not always the ideal situation for your clothing storage needs. If you are a person, especially a woman, who seems to have … Continued

Walk In Closet Lighting

Anyone who has a walk in closet knows first hand how difficult it can be to maintain organization in the closet without proper lighting. If the closet is dark, it is that much more difficult to see where everything is and even harder to see where everything should be. With Closet Tec you be able … Continued