Looking for a distinctive difference on the new home office desktop? Don’t want to spend $90.00/square foot on granite and you don’t like the old 70’s style formica? Consider our faux thermofoil products.


Surfx-Aluminum Sanded Swirl

Aluminum Sanded Swirl

Surfx-Bellini Bronze

Bellini Bronze

Surfx-Cast In Bronze

Cast In Bronze

Surfx-Concrete Mixt Gray

Concrete Mixt Gray

Surfx-Concrete Modern Ivory

Concrete Modern Ivory

Surfx-Gemstone Brown

Gemstone Brown

Surfx-Leather Latte

Leather Latte

Surfx-Light Palisander Matte

Light Palisander Matte

Surfx-Paladina Marble Graphite

Paladina Marble Graphite

Surfx-Paladina Marble White

Paladina Marble White

Surfx-Palidina Marble Gray

Palidina Marble Gray

Surfx-Pearl Wave

Pearl Wave

Surfx-Pompei Cream

Pompei Cream

Surfx-Riviera Oak Esterele

Riviera Oak Esterele

Surfx-Rock Concrete

Rock Concrete

Surfx-Sangallo Dusk

Sangallo Dusk

Surfx-Sangallo Mimosa

Sangallo Mimosa

Surfx-Taction Oak Alabaster Synchro

Taction Oak Alabaster Synchro

Surfx-Tahoe Timber

Tahoe Timber

Surfx-Velencia Granite

Velencia Granite

Surfx-White Carrara Matte AS

White Carrara Matte AS

Surfx-White Carrara

White Carrara

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