Bamboo Finishes

Bamboo has traditionally been a popular wood flooring alternative in residential construction, but its popularity for use in cabinetry is growing. Bamboo is a unique and beautiful material that is very durable. There are literally hundreds of bamboo species that in many cases are more dense and stronger than hardwood.

Available bamboo finishes include:

Edge Grain Amber

Edge Grain Natural 1-Ply

Edge Grain Natural 2-Play

Edge Grain Amber 3-Ply

Havana Squared 5-Ply

Havana Squared 5-Ply Dark

Havana Square 3-Ply

Natural Squared 5-Ply

Neapolitan 3-Ply

Sahara Squared 5-Ply

Sahara Strand 3-Ply

Tambour Paneling Black

Tambour Paneling Coconut Palm

Tambour Paneling Raw Green

Tambour Paneling Raw Paneling

Tambour Paneling Sugar Palm

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