Announcing Closet Tec’s 2019 scholarship winner

We’re pleased to announce that the 2019 winner of Closet Tec’s scholarship is Caroline Griffith. Caroline will be attending Florida State University in the fall to pursue her dream of working in art & science.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline after she received the award to learn more about her passion for art and her future career. Her insightful answers can be found below!

How did you feel when you won the Closet Tec scholarship?

Honestly, a bit shocked! But then I felt very grateful to Closet Tec for this generous award that will help me to juggle my college expenses.

What do you love about art and design?

I love how impactful it can be on a person’s life; it allows for a freedom of expression. For me, I find it to be kind of therapeutic and I’m sure that’s the same for many other people.

How do you think art impacts communities?

It impacts communities in an emotional way by drawing people together. I think it’s a basic form of communication that is a drawing force to encourage those who may not normally talk to have a conversation.

What are some of your goals and aspirations when it comes to your college education?

I want to keep my grades strong and meet a bunch of amazing people, but I want to try my hand at a bunch of different ideas and jobs! I want to try graphic design, interior design, and architecture. I’d love to try as much as I possibly can in other less conventional forms of art.

Do you have a dream career goal you’re comfortable sharing? What is it?

Career-wise, I’ve always dreamed of finding a career that combines my passion for art and my interest in science. Whether it’s creating a blueprint for a new park or finding ways to preserve paintings in a museum, I want to find a career that pushes me to keep challenging myself in the art world.

Congratulations to Caroline for winning this scholarship, and thank you to all of the other 2019 high school graduates that applied!