Announcing Closet Tec’s 2017 scholarship winner

We’re pleased to announce that the winner of Closet Tec’s scholarship is Elise Adel, a 2017 graduate of Riverview High School. Elise will be attending Santa Fe Community College initially, and then she will transfer to the University of Florida to pursue her dream of becoming an architect.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Elise after she received the award to learn more about her passion for art, education, and her future career. Her insightful answers can be found below!

How did you feel when you won the Closet Tec scholarship?

When I won the Closet Tec Scholarship, not only was I extremely excited about finally earning help with college, but I was very proud of myself too! I was proud of myself for my hard work in high school and for constantly pushing myself to go out and apply to various scholarships, such as the Closet Tec Scholarship.

What do you love about art and design?

What I love most about art and design is the way it influences people differently. People interpret everything differently, especially art. Masterpieces from around the world could make someone feel a specific emotion that wasn’t originally intended by the artist at all! That’s what I love about art.

How do you think art impacts communities?

Art impacts communities in many ways! An artist can use art to send a message to a community, or to make a group of people feel a certain way. Art brings beauty and charm to the community and even brings the people together.

What are some of your goals and aspirations when it comes to your college education?

When it comes to my college education, I want to get much as I can out of my experience. Some important goals of mine include maintaining good grades, maintaining a good GPA, absorbing all the information provided to me, and becoming as close as I can with my supervisors. All the obvious things aside, I would love to get involved around my school, and maybe even get a job working on campus!

Do you have a dream career goal your comfortable sharing? What is it?

I am certain that I would like to have a career that is related to design in the future. Currently, I am going to school to major in architecture and I want to see how I feel about starting my future there!

Congratulations to Elise for winning this scholarship, and thank you to all of the other 2017 high school graduates that applied!