Five Custom Solutions To Consider When Building Your Closet

Creating a custom closet is a series of decisions. Screen Shot 2015-07-18 at 5.11.23 PMWhile we try to narrow everything down to give you the best possible solution, there are still a lot of options to choose from. Details make the design, so here are five solutions to consider for your new custom closet. They’ll simplify your life so that you stop rushing to get ready for work and start having enough time to actually enjoy your breakfast before you leave.

1. Drawer Dividers – This is the best way to organize your drawers. They make organization so easy, you can’t avoid it. Dividers ensure everything has a place and only add to your overall closet design.

2. Laundry Basket – Hampers are not the most visually appealing element of a closet or bedroom. Beautify your laundry basket by hiding it in a pullout or behind a cabinet drawer. Never air your dirty laundry…even in your closet.

3. Tie Rack – This element is often overlooked when building a closet because customers have often stored their ties using the same hanger system for as long as they can remember. A pullout tie rack allows for neater tie storage and makes your tie display look like it’s straight out of a department store.

4. Jewelry Organizers – Keeping your jewelry in your closet is a great way to store your jewelry. Add plush lined drawers to keep your pieces untangled and safe. Having your jewelry in your actual closet allows you to complete your entire look all in one space. Time saver!

5. Valet Rod – This is one of my favorite elements of a custom closet. It’s perfect for laying out your outfit for the following morning or hanging up your fresh dry cleaning. Have clothes you need to iron? Stick them on the valet rod so that you can’t avoid them!

What are your favorite elements of your Closet Tec custom closet? Let us know in the comments!