De-Stress the Holidays

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Photo cred: Imagebase

The holidays are the most wonderful and perhaps the most stressful time of the year. One of the major tasks that we face is decorating. This can seem like just another thing that you need to check off your  endless list of to dos.  However, decorating can be a blessing in disguise. It can be a way to step back and de-stress during this busy season.

Allow yourself to crank up the holiday tunes and exercise your creativity. Tackle one space at a time as to not overwhelm yourself and let this be a time of freedom. Put aside all your other tasks and focus on creating a space that feels cozy.  Expressing your creativity through your home decoration will take your mind off the other items on your to do list. Coming home to a decorated house will also help you stay in the holiday spirit once you move on to the other items on your list.

As an added bonus you can even use decorating as a way of sneaking in some extra family time. Getting everyone together to hang decorations will get your whole house into the holiday spirit.

So take a deep breath and happy decorating!