Why Paint Only One Wall of a Room? Why Not!

image source: flickr

After a while, the old neutral colors on our walls can get boring. You might be inspired to paint one of your rooms a more bold color for a change, but a room lined with bright walls can be overwhelming to the senses.

But, if you paint only one wall of a room, you can curb that sensation. Accent walls are the perfect compromise to spice up a dreary room without creating that overwhelming feeling.

Accent walls can add the perfect pop of color to bring a room to life. Color can have an effect on our moods and change the whole vibe in a room. Adding your favorite color to one wall in the room change change the mood of the room instantly.

Choosing a darker color to paint your accent wall will give the room a more mellow feel, whereas using a brighter color can give the room a upbeat and positive feel.

Go ahead and be bold! Pick out your favorite color and use it to change the look and feel of boring room.

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