DIY: How to Repurpose Your Picture Frames

image source: flickr

I often come across unique picture frames that inspire me. However, they don’t always match the look and feel of the frames I use all over my house to display photos of family and friends.

Recently though, I discovered a NEW way to incorporate these frames into my home without clashing with my other decor. A simple way to do this is a DIY project that brings the frames into your kitchen as chalkboards! The frames give you the chance to add style with a purpose while creating a more rustic and “homey” feel to your kitchen.

Creating your chalkboard frame is easy. All you need is a frame, chalkboard liner (you can purchase it here), and a space for your new project.

All you have to do is cut the chalkboard liner to a size that will fit your frame and stick it on the inside of the frame backing and TADAAAA! You’ve just created a more fun, unique and rustic looking way t0 write down your grocery list, personal notes, and reminders.

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Terrie Unthank

Vice President of Operations and Designer with Closet Tec Inc.

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