Design Tips for When You Have a Small Bathroom

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Small bathrooms are perfect for going all out when it comes to decorating! Small bathrooms equal smaller prices. Since it is a small place, you can use higher priced materials since you won’t need as many of them. This allows you to make a true masterpiece!

Space is the biggest problem when it comes to smaller bathrooms. You want to use up as much space as possible, without making the room seem clustered. Floating vanities take up less space while adding some stylish flare. On the other hand, under-sink storage lets you use up every last bit of storage space available. This allows you to hide all those extras, like towels and cleaning products.

There are also some tricks to make small bathrooms look larger! One quick fix is to use glass shower enclosures, which give the illusion of a larger space. Additionally, pedestal sinks make it seem as if there is extra square footage.

Small bathrooms are also the perfect space to try those dark paint colors you were afraid to use anywhere else. These tiny places are a great opportunity for you to step out of your comfort zone and try new decorating techniques. So get out there and have fun making your small bathroom a major hit!

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