Six Steps to Organize Your Laundry

How to keep your laundry room organized - Closet TecLaundry rooms tend to be one of the messiest places in the house since so many different things get thrown in there! You have different items for all four seasons, accessories for your pets, and loads of other miscellaneous things. It’s hard to keep everything in order with so much going on in one place. Here are some tips to help you organize all that clutter!

  • Categorize your weather – put items for each person/season in separate containers, and throw out all the mismatched ones
  • Keep all your cleaning supplies in a container – putting your detergents and dryer sheets in a cute little basket helps minimize messes
  • Give your pet his/her own area – designating a basket for your pet’s toys keeps them in one place instead of having them all over the house
  • Free up counter space – buy a retracting clothesline or freestanding drying rack so you don’t have clothes drying on counters; plus they’re extremely easy to hide after you’re done
  • Presort laundry baskets – have a laundry basket for colors, white, darks, etc. allows you to cut down laundry time since the clothes have already been sorted
  • Laundry room lost & found – get a basket for all your “lost” items so everything that’s lost ends up in the same place and can easily be found

Try out some (or all!) of these tips to help organize your laundry room. It’ll make your life easier, leaving you feeling more at ease!