Do You Need Coffee Table Books?

Do you need coffee table books?
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When I see a coffee table book, my mind immediately races to Kramer’s failed attempt at coffee table book fame on Seinfeld. But, is there a benefit to buying and displaying coffee table books? Kramer was onto something, if the books fit the space they can enhance a room.

The key to coffee table books is to buy the *right* ones. Know yourself and your guests. Buy books that are visually appealing, interesting, and easy reads. You only need two or three, but make sure they vary in sizes. Stack them on the table and place a vase of flowers on top of the stack or behind it.

The books will add flair to your living room. They’ll also give your guests the option to pick up a book instead of turning on the TV.

Looking for the perfect coffee table book? Check out Great Houses of the South and Humans of New York.

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