Does Being a Neat Freak Make You Happier?

Does being a neat freak make you happier?
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It’s no secret that organized lives are happier lives. But, organizing can be a lot harder than it sounds, especially when your hectic life is what made you disorganized in the first place. Don’t stress, there are simple ways to regain control of your happiness and your sanity.

Try these simple tips for easy, stress-free organizational happiness:

1. Planner. Call me old-fashioned, but I still like writing things down. It helps me remember dates and times and I don’t have to worry that it will disappear into a technology abyss. With that being said, Google Calendar is just about taking over the world (and I love it!) If you’re someone whose smart phone has become an additional appendage, become familiar with Google Calendar. It links to your Gmail and sends you reminders before all scheduled events. I still encourage you to use a planner to write down important names and addresses just in case Google ever fails you.

2. Mail. Do you have a mail drawer/cabinet/basket where all important envelopes seem to go to die? Get rid of it. Be proactive about your mail. Put the important items in a folder in an area you frequent and put a reminder in your planner to clean out the folder every two weeks.

3. Fridge. It’s okay to admit that your fridge is your happy place. But when it’s messy and causing food avalanches, it can become your own personal hell. Similar to your mail, go through your fridge once a week. Make sure the shelves are clean and throw out anything that has gone bad. You’ll know where everything is and it might even inspire you to make some new meals!

Happy organizing!

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