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Customer Satisfaction… The Key

If you follow our blog you know that Closet Tec recently was awarded the “2014 Customer Satisfaction” award from Houzz.com and has been voted Sarasota’s “Best Closet Company” every year since 2010. On occasion I’m asked the “Why were you voted Sarasota’s Best Company” question by perspective clients. The 1st time I was asked the question I was a bit taken aback and didn’t know how to respond so I mumbled a response that likely made little sense. The next few times I fielded the question I responded by talking about the features and benefits of our products which sounded better (at least I wasn’t mumbling). After thinking about the question a little longer I realized that I wasn’t the right person to answer the question. The right people to ask are our customers. After all, they are the ones who take their personal time to write the reviews and vote.
One of my favorite marketing quotes is “Advertising is a tax you pay for not being remarkable”. I’m not naive enough to think that we don’t need to spend dollars on advertising. However, customer advocacy is a very powerful marketing tool. It is not something you can buy in a newspaper or magazine. It is earned overtime through positive engagement with our customers and at Closet Tec we work really, really hard at it. It doesn’t happen by accident.

The motto at Closet Tec is, “Build great products and truly care about our customers.” We figure if we do those two things exceptionally well, everything will take care of itself.

Be remarkable.

Jeff Unthank is a Closet Tec Designer serving Sarasota area clients.

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Jeff Unthank

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