The Future… Is this The Next Revolution in Home Appliances?

At Closet Tec, we are constantly “taking the pulse” of the home improvement industry. I have a background in high technology so I often get excited when I see developments on the technological front. Although the idea of the smart home appliance is not one that is new to the industry, when a major technology player invests serious dollars, people take notice. Recently, Google invested $3.2 BILLION dollars in a company called Nest. Nest has taken the concept of the smart home appliance to a new level.

Imagine controlling appliances in your home via the Internet.

Furthermore, imagine having a smart appliance that can learn and adapt to your habits.

Will this be the next big revolution? Some people are betting on it!!

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Jeff Unthank is a Closet Tec Designer serving Sarasota area clients.

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