How to Decorate Your Room (You May Not Have Thought of This One…)

We saw this article in Freshome about a brand new chair crafted from wood and wool that is both perfect next to a fireplace and powerfully evocative of SUMMER.

What a stellar reminder that the furnishings in our homes really do have the power to change our train of thought. If we accept (and how can we not!) that the use of wool in this chair is a trigger for sand, beach, and summer, then all of our personal belongings can be similarly powerful.

Here’s a fun activity if you want to know how to decorate your room: Take a look at your own décor in your living room. I mean it. Look at everything – your TV, your couch, your wall coverings. Now, take out a piece of paper. Create two columns: Item and Description.

After the exercise, you’ll actually be able to see how your descriptions correlate and contradict each other. This can be a great resource to you if you are looking to decorate your home to convey a certain mood.

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[ Source: Freshome ]