How Color Affects Your Mood

Color with Meaning

This topic is super compelling because it combines both human psychology and design. When you are trying to decide what color to paint your new room, perhaps you should be considering how color affects your mood.

How do we see different colors?

We see color WITH meaning. The chart below borrowed from Freshome is super pin-worthy (click it to pin it!) and then I am sharing a list of emotions by color. Although yellow may be a hard color to incorporate into your kitchen design, I’ve always loved its energy and spunk. So the fact that it may boost my metabolism is just an added bonus.

Aside from the color choices you use in your home, consider the colors you are drawn to in your own personal wardrobe! Why do you think you wear so much blue?

Just remember – you have ceilings too! When in doubt, paint your ceiling white since dark colors will make the space seem smaller. The lighter shades will give the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Color and your personality are connected. Check out the mood colors. – Closet Tec, Inc.
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Emotions by Color

Blue – Calm, clarity, focus, mental control, trust, memory.

Green – Restful, tranquil, health, self-respect, safety.

Pink – Femininity, softness, health, warmth.

Yellow – Memory, energy, metabolism, joy, confidence, optimism.

Orange – Joyfulness, cheeriness, confidence, appetite.

Lavender – Calm, relaxation, peace, balance.

Red – Appetite, passion, ambition, strength. Too much red may encourage anger.

White – Openness, purity, truth.


I want to know what you think!

Has this post changed your mind about any pending design choices? You may also be wanting to overhaul your home after learning these mood effects and how we see different colors.




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