DIY Home Décor for the Spendthrift in You

Paint your front door. - Closet Tec

I bet you’d just LOVE to redecorate your home or apartment, wouldn’t you? You may have heard on interior design blogs it costs hundreds – maybe even THOUSANDS of dollars to do something like that. You might also be dry for ideas.

Guess what?


Prepare to dress up and decorate your home on a budget using these tips that I’ve milled from the Internet. You’ll thank me for these inexpensive ways to decorate!

1.  Paint your front door.

If the outside of your home is bland-central, then applying a fresh coat of paint to your front door may be enough to brighten things up. It’s cost-effective to only paint the front door! Perhaps you can choose a color that’s really out-there to make a super huge statement. It’s up to you, but I love these colorful doors (see right).

Create the coffee table you’ve been dreaming of. - Closet Tec2.   Create the coffee table you’ve been dreaming of.

Living room got ya down? One of the problems with being in the digital age is that although we take photos often (almost daily), we almost never order prints. You may want to order prints when you see this inexpensive DIY home décor project (see left).

What you do is get a regular, rectangular coffee table. Then, have a piece of glass or Plexi cut to the size of the table top. In between the glass and the tabletop, place all photos and pictures you love.

Wallpaper your bookcase. - Closet Tec

3.   The best way to use wallpaper you’ve never considered.

I rarely come across a home that doesn’t have a worn-out (or much-loved!) bookcase. Although that old piece of furniture has seen better days, you can’t bear to part with it. After all, that’s where your beloved books are kept! And it is still pretty sturdy.

One way to make this piece pop is to wallpaper the back of the bookcase. It’s the perfect way to turn this piece from frumpy to fabulous!

Doors – [Photo credit: Mikelo / / CC BY-SA]
Coffee Table Photo & Bookcase – [MSN Homes.]


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