How to Choose a Color Scheme When Decorating Your Room

Waterfall - How to Choose a Color Scheme - Closet Tec, IncEveryone has had the experience of looking at paint swatches when decorating a room in their home. Whether its Benjamin Moore colors or Sherwin Williams colors, the different shades of beige start to blend together. After some minutes, you have a hard time telling which color is Grain, which is Nude, and which is Sand.

Just a little frustrating.

Rather than toggling through paint swatches, I thought it’d be helpful to showcase a few online tools out there right now that you can use to create your ideal color combination.

1. Pinterest

It seems like an obvious suggestion, but honestly – Pinterest is a GOLD MINE if you’re looking for any kind of artistic inspiration. Specifically, I love to browse the Home Décor category on Pinterest. It’s updated constantly with design and decorating ideas. Once you see a photo that strikes you, this is something you can print/save an bring to the design store to choose your colors.

2. Google Image Search

One really fabulous way to create a space in your home you LOVE is think of spaces or homes you’ve seen and typing them into Google Image Search. If you can’t think of any, try thinking of images of nature you’re really drawn to. A Google Search of the word waterfall generates this image you see to the right.

Once you have an image you like (and I do!) You should save it just like you would save a pin you see on Pinterest and take it with you to the design store. Images found in nature typically work well together in your home (blues, beiges, and greens).

3. is a free tool used primarily for graphic designers looking to pick out a color scheme for a logo. However, it’s also very useful when deciding what colors work well together. Toggle between the different combination styles to see the swatches change on the right side of the screen: mono, complement, triad, tetrad, analogic, accented analogic. If you’re looking for something eclectic in your home, complementary colors create that effect. I hit the “Adjust Scheme” button to make the colors a bit less over the top [see below]. - How to Choose a Color Scheme - Closet Tec, Inc



Do you have any tips you’d like to share? Leave them as a comment below!


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