Custom holiday storage needed? We can help!

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to climb up to the attic, trek out to the garage or delve into the basement to haul ornaments and decorations out from storage. Because wrapping gifts and setting holiday tables are activities that are likely to continue for weeks to come, it’s also time to get used to living with a degree of clutter in your home. The organizational wizards at Closet Tec have a better solution: custom closet shelves.

The specialists at Closet Tec are adept at crafting custom storage solutions that will enhance your life at home in every season of the year. Whether it’s acrylic or glass shelves and dividers that keep all your holiday trimmings in sight or whether it's shelves equipped with pull-out baskets that add charm to your home while hiding clutter, custom closet shelves from Closet Tec are designed specifically for your individual needs.

From solutions for a large walk-in closet that includes a center island that you can use for a wrapping table to small-scale solutions that makes the most of the space with floor-to-ceiling storage, Closet Tec designers will help you visualize the results with a three-dimensional computer rendering of the design. The work will be completed off-site and delivered complete to your door, where expert installers will bring the design vision to life with minimal disruption to your home and to your household routine.

A closet designed with custom-made shelves to hold all of your holiday décor will not only keep home clutter to a minimum but will also help reign in holiday chaos as well. You’ll enjoy the time-saving convenience of knowing that everything that you need for holiday decorating is organized and close at hand, ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.