Keep your decorations in order

Holiday decorations seem to multiply every year as keepsake ornaments, additional light strings and larger pieces help to expand existing collections. Organizing and packing every item away can become a challenge as boxes or tubs are scattered throughout the house and the garage. Space limitations become even more noticeable when the end of this festive season rolls around.
Closet Tec’s expert designers and builders can solve the dilemma of storing decorations in any size space. Assessing existing areas, they can provide suggestions in finding potential storage locations in garages while offering guidance in redesigning closets to accommodate more than you might imagine. By restructuring hanging space and crafting shelving to better organize clothing and accessories, it will be easier than ever to manage your existing holiday decor. Closet Tec pros can even help you plan for the future with space to spare.
Working within any budget, the process is painless, starting with evaluations and drawings that will help envision a new space. In garages, a variety of options is available for creating seasonal and everyday storage solutions. Freestanding cabinets at waist height can incorporate counters for added workspace, and taller units are easy to customize for bulky trees or wreaths. Wall-mounted cabinetry saves floor space while providing roomy shelving concealed behind doors.
Indoors, reorganizing closets to accommodate holiday decorations can include adding open or closed shelving that goes upward for those items that are only accessed once a year. Revitalizing even the smallest spaces will make a big difference in how you can store delicate and sturdier holiday items. With assistance from the pros at Closet Tec, seasonal decorating and storage will be less of a chore while providing the fresh joy of discovery when unpacking your treasured pieces each year.