Maximize Your Space with a Wall Bed

Wall beds are a space saving and comfortable alternative to free standing beds. They work well in a variety of spaces and fit into any style of home. They are made within a sleek cabinet that can be customized in a variety of styles and finishes.
Wall Beds for Guest Rooms
Finding extra space for a free standing guest bed may seem impossible if your home barely has enough room for your family. Adding a wall bed to an office or a family room is an excellent way to conserve space but still provide a comfortable place for your guests to sleep. The wall bed remains out of the way when it is not needed, but can be easily accessed when you have a guest.
Wall Beds for Everyday Use
Wall beds are not just for guests. They are also a wonderful solution for small bedrooms or small apartments. Wall beds are a great way to create more play space in a child's room as well. Because they are so easy to fold up and down, wall beds can be used daily.
Wall beds fit seamlessly into any room and often include storage around the bed. So not only do you gain an extra bed and lose minimal space, but you gain additional storage as well.