Closet Tec for Your Garage

You might be surprised how much your garage accumulates over the years. Seems that everything from tools and lawnmowers to sports equipment have turned this once neat space into a fine, jumbled mess. It may have gotten to the point that you are no longer using your garage for one of its main intended purposes – your car.
No need to fret, for Closet Tec is just a phone call away. This family owned business has dedicated years to researching the finest closet designs, manufacturing processes, and installation methods that they use today to bring you the highest quality products possible. Their efforts have not gone unnoticed, as they have been named Sarasota’s Best Closet Company multiple times in the Sarasota Readers Choice Awards.
Using their superior knowledge and skills, they will build a custom storage system in your garage that includes closets, shelves and other space-saving solutions that best suit your individual needs. Because they are family owned, they will give you the kind of personal care and attention often lacking with franchises.
Committed to providing you with only top-notch quality materials, Closet Tec acquires the finest equipment available from the United States, Germany, Italy and Australia. Best of all, they will give you a free consultation to give you an idea of just how those materials will be put to work in designing your garage. Once they begin the garage makeover, they will work professionally with the least possible interruption to your home. You might even forget they’re there!
No matter how severe your problem, Close Tec will offer a solution. Where you once might have avoided your garage, you’ll now want to spend time in it just admiring its superior assembly. Where you once might have experienced frustration looking for an item buried under a pile of junk, you’ll now experience bliss at having everything under your fingertips! You’ll even have space for your car!
So, pick up the phone and call Closet Tec today! You’ll be one step closer to happier, more organized life!