Linen Closets


Keeping linens and towels organized is a simple part of good housekeeping, but tight spaces and the wrong locations can make it a chore. Sheets and pillow cases get shoved into drawers that barely hold them, and tossing your best linens on top of each other leaves them rumpled and messy. Running out of towels means a dash down a long hallway to an inconvenient closet or teetering on tiptoe trying to reach a shelf that's too high. Custom closets solve the problems of limited space and the wrong place, and they add lasting value to your home.
A corner in the bedroom might seem snug, but with a custom installation, that small area holds plenty of potential space for your linens. Beautiful wood finishes and stylish fittings turn your new linen closet into a lovely addition to the room's decor. Additional storage in the bathroom might include elegant frosted glass doors with antique hardware and shelving for more than just towels. Designing the perfect linen closet starts with a complimentary home consultation with the professionals at Closet.Tec. They have the expertise to make the most of what you have, and your individual style guides the project from concept to completion.
Imagine unique storage that gives your fine linens room to breathe and puts your towels within easy reach. Dreaming about custom closet solutions is fun, but being involved in the process is exciting. The designers at Closet.Tec help you decide which quality materials will work best with your interior. They provide clear layout plans that open up your storage possibilities and tailor the design to fit your needs. The entire staff appreciates the importance of working with your schedule, your budget and your personal style. Storage solutions should be both beautiful and functional; your home deserves the very best.