Master Bedroom Custom Closet Design


Organizing a master bedroom closet is a chore that seems to invite procrastination. Finding a way to arrange all your clothes and belongings within the confines a conventional closet can feel like an impossible dream. Fortunately, there’s a solution that can make that dream a reality. As hundreds of satisfied customers can attest, the organizational specialists at Closet Tec can design, create and install a custom master bedroom closet that will complement your home’s décor and that will simplify your life.
With years of experience in creating custom closet installations, Closet Tec is well-equipped to assess and address your specific design needs. The process begins with a consultation with professional Closet Tec designer who will help you determine the configuration that is best-suited for you and your lifestyle. After a careful assessment, your designer can recommended the precise number, size and shape of drawers that you’ll need to keep everything conveniently organized.
You’ll discover an array of organizational options as well, including custom-made tie and belt racks, shoe cubbies and jewelry drawers. Options include glass or acrylic shelves, doors and dividers that allow you to organize belongings while keeping items visible. Incorporated laundry baskets help keep clutter at bay. A built-in safe or vault offers security. Your Closet Tec designer has the skill to ensure that that there is a place for everything and that everything will stay in place.
Once you’ve approved a 3-D presentation of the proposed design, Closet Tec craftsmen will produce each component of your custom closet system, right down to the closet rods. Closet Tec patented adjustable closet rods are designed for ease of clothes hanger movement, with strength and durability that you can count on. The professionals at Closet Tec have one goal when creating your custom master bedroom closet: to make your life better with products that are as beautiful as they are functional.