Work at home?

Closet Tec can help to turn an ordinary space of your home into a brand new home office. When setting up a home office, it can seem difficult to find a large enough space or area that will work with what you're trying to accomplish. Whether you have an entire extra room in your house for a home office, would like to turn a large closet into an office space or would simply like to turn a portion of a room into a work area, Closet Tec professionals can come up with the best ideas and solutions that meet your personal preferences.

After deciding on a space for your home office, it can still be tricky to get it just right. There are so many different office furnishings out there that is can seem overwhelming to those that have never designed a space before. Closet Tec professionals will assess the space and work with you to design the office of your dreams. Each area of the office and additional features will be discussed to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want out of the space. A 3-D computer generated design will also be completed to show you exactly how the home office will look with the features, furnishings and colors that have been selected. This is one of the best ways to see exactly how it will look before it is even built.

Closet Tec is committed to providing customers with only the best service and finest custom furnishings. Each piece of the home office furnishings are manufactured especially for your design. There are no two home office designs that are exactly alike. Each piece is inspected carefully before being sent out for installation. After the installation is complete, you will have a beautiful new home office without doing any work.