Closet Space Options


The word closet typically brings to mind a place to house clothing and shoes. Often times a home will have more closets than needed for clothing items and getting creative will make these spaces into functional areas for a multitude of things.
So Many Options
Looking around a home at the clutter can make many of us exhausted. Taking a closet and making it into a place to organize these things will put a smile on any face. Whether it is a tiny closet or large walk-in, the options are unlimited. Closets can be organized to hold linens efficiently with varying size shelves for sheets, blankets and pillows. Crafters, imagine a place to have supplies neatly organized and at the touch of your fingertips! Extra canned goods and other non-refrigerated foods don’t have to be stored in the kitchen. How about making a spare closet into a well organized pantry? For those who like to shop in bulk to save money and ensure they never run out of supplies, a closet made into a storage place is very handy. First aid supplies, hair products and cleaning supplies can be but away neatly. Tired of seeing toys all over the house? A closet converted to a toy storage area can be easy for even the youngest child to keep neat!
Larger closets can even be made into sewing rooms with shelves for supplies, patterns and material. How about small study for the student in the house with a built in desk and storage for school supplies?
Imagination is Key
Converting a closet into usable space is only limited by the imagination. There’s no longer any reason to have a cluttered or unused closet in the house, let your imagination go, come up with an idea and make it happen!