The 3 Most Frequent Complaints About Wire Closet Systems


Most homeowners are looking for quick and easy ways to organize thier homes, but when it comes to closet systems, let the professionals take over! Wire closet systems can be a great addition in your bedroom, bathroom or pantry closets but need to be installed with care to ensure years of problem free uses.
Wire closet systems are made up of component parts that can be combined in a variety of configurations to fit just about any closet or storage space. While the appeal of wire closet systems is the initial convenience, there are a few complaints that frequently crop up once the system is actually in use.
1. The wire racks may collapse: The racks that make up the horizontal shelving surfaces of the system frequently box or collapse once weight is applied. From hanging garments to stacked books or boxes, the materials placed on the shelves may add too much weight, causing the racks to collapse.
2. Wire racks can't be adjusted: Once in place, the wire racks can't be adjusted; the user is stuck with the configuration initially chosen. The shelves themselves can also be an issue — the nature of the wire racks means that small or thin items may slip right through the shelves and fall on the floor. Small or slim items like books, DVDs and other media will likely slip right through wire racks.
3. Instability: The open spaces between the racks can create an unstable area and cause the system to become unsteady over time. Even if the racks feel secure when they are first placed, they often become unstable over time, thanks to the amount of space left between the installed racks. Over time, this instability can cause the entire system to become unreliable, and less useful for storage.
Closet Tec can help you create the custom closets of your choice. We offer a variety of materials and ensure that the workmanship is completed to withstand the weight you intend to place upon the shelves. Contact us today for an in home consultation