Closet Organization

The fist step in closet organization is to fully assess your storage needs.
Remove any items that are not used frequently and consider moving non-clothing
items to a new location. Make a list of what you need taking time to consider
future storage needs.
Starting with an empty closet you can then begin to imagine the
possibilities and create a closet that fully meets your needs and is not only
functional but utilizes a more efficient use of the space available.
Any combination of drawers, shelves, hanging rods, corner units or shoe
racks can be arranged to meet your needs. A jewelry drawer may be included,
velvet lined and customized to meet your needs. Another item to consider would
be a bench or chair, it’s always easier taking shoes on or off when you have a
place to sit. If space allows you may also like a strategically placed ironing
When remodeling or designing your new closet space be sure to also consider
changing the existing lighting. Closets rarely have good lighting, adding accent
lighting, recessed lighting or just a new light fixture can make a dramatic
Treat your closet as a completely separate room and design a room that is
both comfortable and functional. Whether you have a large space or a small space
with proper planning, your closet could become your favorite room in your home.